We are located in Huron South Dakota.

You can contact me at  serflingfarms@gmail.com 

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Nigerian Dwarves are great goats!  The ones that are bred right can give a lot of milk considering their small size and of course it takes less feed to raise them.  They come in a rainbow of colors and can have brown or blue eyes.  They also make great pets and 4-H projects.  They stay small so they are easily handled even by children.  I know I am certainly addicted to them! 

For more general information on Nigerians check out the website for the official ADGA breed club for Nigerians. 
The American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association  www.andda.org

I blood test yearly for CAE and maintain a clean herd.  
There have never been any CL abcesses or soremouth on my farm.
I buy only from clean tested herds that are managed by people I trust. 

My goal is to always breed the highest quality that I can.  I participate in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program.  It is a great experience to learn about goat quality.   I have done this in 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2014 (was not offered for SD in 2013).  I have so far been the only Nigerian breeder in SD to take advantage of this great program!  Linear Appraisal really is an eye opener!  I highly recommend it to all goat breeders who are serious about their goats. 

I take great pride in the health of the goats that I raise.  If you start with healthy goats you are already a big step ahead.  This is a lesson I learned the hard way when I first started out.

2014 CAE test results are back from BioTracking:
The whole herd is NEGATIVE once again (as always)!!!

Click here to see test results. 
And here to read an explanation on how test results are read.


All of my kids are raised on CAE & Cocci prevention. 
All births are attended and kids are pulled at birth and raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.  They are also raised on a cocci control program.  The kids are given lots of milk and good feed so that they grow up to be big, strong, and healthy.  I really like the way my kids turn out on  this program. 


My goats are happy, healthy, quality animals.  These goats will not dissapoint you.  They are raised the right way.

During each of my ADGA Linear Appraisals I have been complimented very heavily on the health and quality of my entire herd overall.  It is always mentioned that my kid pens are full of healthy, good loooking kids that are being started off correctly.  And again this year I was told what great care my bucks were obviously receiving - not being treated like second class goats only needed during breeding season - but being treated equally as good as the does.  My proudest momements have been getting these great compliments from true professionals that see hundreds of goat farms each year!  Their kind words, praise, and faith in what I'm doing mean more than anything to me!


There will be a 3 ring ADGA sanctioned show in Huron SD on June 11, 2016. 
For more info please check out the show's website  www.sdgoatshow.com


Thank you!!
Serfling Farms
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Semen is now available from a few of my bucks.

Update!  I now own a vapor shipper for use when purchasing semen from me.

Details on the Bucks on Ice page
Herd sellout in progress!
It's very hard to do this but I am putting the herd up for sale. 
Does for sale are marked on the 2016 kidding page. 
Bucks are listed on the Sr bucks page, bucks for sale, & kids for sale pages.  I will work at getting the bucks combined to one sales page soon.