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I am trying to make myself cut the herd back to more manageable numbers.  It is very hard on me to put these girls up for sale but it must be done.  I gurantee you can find "cheaper" goats out there but I feel what I am offering for sale is a cut above those "cheap" goats (sometimes you just plain get what you pay for!)

I do not breed for "pretty" I breed for quality and production.  Each goat in my barn has a reason for being there.  My breeding plans are well thought out with a goal and purpose in mind and I believe my plans are working due to great show results and great ADGA appraisal sessions.  

Thank you for looking!
Serfling Farms Cajun Queen
DOB 4-19-12

Sire: Wren Farm CU Curry
SS:  Avian Acres WVL Cupid
SD: The W.H. Esther

Dam: Serfling Farms Buttercup
DS:  Avian Acres LWS Phil A Buster
DD:  Avian Acres VEN Electra

Cajun has super nice rear udder!  She has large teats and is easy to milk out. Show her, milk her, and let her help build your herd.
It is hard to put her up for sale but I need to get down to only a couple in each age group and her age group in my herd is very strong.

Link to her full pedigree here.

She is confirmed bred via ultrasound to Serfling Farms SK Ceemore Spots.  She is due 5-11-16.  If serious about purchasing her please contact me for full details.

Planned pedigree for the kids she's carrying.