Bucks on Ice
Serfling Farms
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Dills XM Kid Rock *S/*B

2011 LA Score VVEV (youngstock)
2012 LA score V V V 88

Sire: MI Sugar Creek TW Tune's XM *S/*B
SS: Sugar Creek NT Tight Wad *S
        GG-Sire: MI Sugar Creek MT Sally's Nate +*B
        GG-Dam: ARMCH Sugar Creek MP Penny                                                  Pincher 6*D/1*M

   SD: ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes                                                                 'E'/91 EEEE
        GG-Sire: Sugar Creek MT Pantomime *S
        GG-Dam: Ponder's End Country Tunes *D

Dam: SG Dill's LD Remember 3*D 3*M
  DS: ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck Of The Draw                                                                           +*S E
        GG-Sire: MCH HBF Lucky Strike E
        GG-Dam: MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's                                                         Pixie *D E

   DD:MCH Gay Mor's LR Kitty's Meow 2*, E
        GG-Sire: Piddlin Acres Lies & Rumors+*S
        GG-Dam: Gay-Mor's RA Kitty *D

here's a link to his page at Phoenix Rising Farm

Avian Acres WVL Adonis

Sire: MI Sugarcreek C Beau Weevil
SS: AGS Irish Whisper Rainsin' Cain
SD: AGS Sugar Creek's Fr Sand Flea 2*M

Dam: AGS Sugar Creek RB Very Sweet 
DS: AGS Twin Creeks WB Rain Beau
DD: AGS Sugar Creeks PT Oh So Sweet

Click here to see his full pedigree.

2010 LA score is V V E 88
Serfling Farms PPT Bazinga
Blue Eyes

Sire: Dancing Angels Palm Pilot
SS: AGS TX Twin Creeks WDF Megapixel
SD: AGS Dancing Angels Bittersweet

Dam: Avian Acres UFO Venus
DS: Rosasharn TL Unforgettable Man *B
DD: Deb's Whisperwoods What A Doll

2012 LA score V V V 86
Avian Acres LWS Phil A Buster

Sire: Heidi's Mini Acres Lewis
SS: AGS Sugar Creek TW Venture A Look
SD: CH Heidi's Mini Acres Bell

Dam: MI Sugarcreek NT Wink
DS:  +*B MI Sugarcreek MT Sally's Nate
DD: AGS Sugar Creek's SS Silhouette 1*M

2011 LA Score  V+V 86

Sandy Hollow UK Hickory Oak +*B

+EE FS 87

S: +*B Rosasharn TL Ukulele Ke’a
SS: ++*B ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L
SD: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Uni 3*M

D: Rosasharn’s UMT Red Maple *M
DS: ARMCH +*B Rosasharn’s Under My Thumb
DD: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Sandalwood  4*M

22 straws available

Sandy Hollow KD Texan

S:MCH Goodwood KW Dallas
SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood
SD: Goodwood Tahoka

D: Twin Creeks WB Frosted Maisie 1*M
DS: Goodwood Weisbaden
DD: Twin Creeks BH Phantom Bride

18 straws available
DesertNanny JK Kabuki

S:  DesertNanny Jack Sparrow +B
SS: Twin Creeks DJ Hornblower
SD: Esperanza ZZ Feona

D:  Esperanza MB Kachina Doll V+EV 86
DS: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++*B
DD: Twin Creeks WB Barvarian Rain

4 straws available
His full sister Keena is the 2013 ADGA National Reserve Champion!!  And had an appraisal score of EEEE 92!  She is having a great year in the Dill's herd this year!
I also have some boer semen for sale.

9 straws of Sweet EWF V1 (10335338)

10 straws of CCBG Rojo - he is a Mojo Magic Grandson (10142992)

11straws of CCBG Outlaw - he is enobled.  (10165231)

15 straws of  M279 - these kids can't be registered.

Those might be their registration numbers - I just googled them!
I don't know anything else about them - I don't raise boers and never have.  The semen came with a tank purchase. 
Wildwind Farm R Junkyard Dog

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Romeo
SS: CH AGS Rosasharn UMT Pippin
SD: CH AGS Sugar Creek PT Rink-Neck Dove

Dam: MI Sugarcreek VL Winjammer
DS: MI Sugarcreek NT Valor
DD: AGS Velvet Acres RB Timeless

Phoenix Farm ReturnoftheKing *B
aka "Romeo"

Sire: God's Love Farm King Bambi  V V V 87

SS: Lost Valley KW Alexis *S
GG-Sire: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S   
GG-Dam: MCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D E
('08 AGS National Champion Sr. Doe)
SD: Silveraurora CC Xcellence
GG-Sire: MCH Sandy Hollow UK Chesire Cat *S
GG-Dam: QSF DTI Patience *D AR1782

Dam: MI SugarCreek Gina's Tina 3*D  EV V V 89

DS: MCH Gay-Mor's Domino's Mantis
GG-Sire: Woodhaven Farms Domino
GG-Dam: Gay-Mor Kingpin's Lacewing 4*D
DD: Sugar Creek SS Regina 2*D
GG-Sire: AGS Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge
GG-Dam: WGF Sally 2*D

2012 youngstock apprsaisal score V V Ec = V overall

Phoenix Rising Girlfriend's Warpaint *S

Sire: Dills BF Genuine Article *S *B
SS:  NC Promisedland RC Bonafide
SD:  Dill's TG Brand New Girlfriend

Dam: Lost Valley KW Kiowa 3*D  (VEVV 89)
DS:  Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
DD:  MCH/CH Lost Valley SunDancer 2*D E


Avolino Farm TWK Kieran

Sire: *B MI Sugarcreek VL Tunes Walkman

SS: *B MI Sugarcreek NT Valor
SSS: +*B MI Sugarcreek MT Sally's Nate
SSD: AGS Sugar Creek's SS Silhouette 1*M
SD: GCH AGS Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes 1*M
SDS: AGS Sugar Creek Mt. Pantomine
SDD: AGS Ponders End Country Tunes

Dam: MI Sugarcreek FR Wisteria Lane

DS: AGS Caesar's Villa FZ First Rate
DSS: AGS Caesar's Villa Gl Fritzgerald
DSD: AGS Caesar's Villa PN Fabulous
DD: GCH AGS Sugar Creek NT Tea Rose 1*M
DDS: +*B MI Sugarcreek MT Sally's Nate
DDD: AGS Sugar Creek PT Rhododendron

2011 LA Score V V V 85
Serfling Farms SK Ceemore Spots
aka "Spots"

Sire: MCH/CH TX Twincreeks FAX SummerKnight *S *B
SS:  Twin Creeks WB Shadowfax *S
SD:  MCH/PGCH Twin Creeks Midsumernitedream 2*D 'E'     

Dam: Avian Acres NAT Marlene
DS:  +*B Sugar Creek MT Sally's Nate +*S
DD:  Deb's Whisperwoods Dixie

2012 youngstock appraisal V V V  =   V overall

Dancing Angels Palm Pilot
Blue Eyes

Sire: AGS TX Twin Creeks WDF Megapixel
SS: CH/MCH Pecan Hollow Willy's Dance Fever *S
SD: GCH/MCH Twin Creeks Madam Butterfly 2*D, 1*M

Dam: AGS Dancing Angels Bittersweet
DS: MCH/CH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets
DD: AGS Dancing Angels Praline

2010 LA score is V V V 86

Current prices and available bucks
(pdf fileplease click on the pdf link to read the list

Please email with any questions     serflingfarms@gmail.com
Avian Acres VEN Oliver

Sire: AGS Sugar Creek TW Venture a Look
SS: AGS Sugar Creek NT Tight Wad
SD: AGS Twin Creeks WB Talk About Me

Dam: CH MI Sugarcreek WM Xtrafly
DS: MI Sugarcreek Wager On Me
DD: AGS Sugar Creek's KN Shutterfly *D AR1818

2011 LA Score  VEE 88
I now own a vapor shipper!
I was frustrated with trying to find one to use when I was purchasing semen so I decided to just invest in one for my own use and for people who are buying semen from me. 

Please email me for more details on using it.  Thanks!
Sadly Pilot is now deceased
Serfling Farms BZ Dirty Deeds

Sire: Serfling Farms PPT Bazinga
SS:  Dancing Angels Palm Pilot
SD:  Avian Acres UFO Venus

Dam: CH Serfling Farms Ante Up Boys
DS:  Avian Acres WVL Adonis
DD:  Avian Acres UFO Venus

2014 LA Score  V V V 86
Proctor Hillfarm P Vaudeville AI
DOB 4-13-13

Sire:  Sugar Creek MT Pantomine +*S

Dam: Proctor Hill Farm TO NoElle
DS:  MI Sugarcreek YO Toshiba
DD:  Sugar Creek MT Nellie 

Pantomine is also the sire of the one and only GCH AGS Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes 1*M

collected in 2014 and not on pdf file yet
collected in 2014 and not on pdf file yet
Very llimited supply left!
Serfling Farms SK Doofus
DOB 5-8-13

Sire: MCH/CH TX Twincreeks FAX SummerKnight *S *B

Dam: CH MI Sugarcreek C Widget

2014 LA  V V V 86

collected in 2015 and not on pdf file yet